Best of Ruanda & Uganda

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At the majesties Mountain range of East Africa lies at the most hidden secret travel attraction in the world. Gorilla, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys are three of the Primates you will discover up close with an extraordinary experience which will remain for your entire live. The hilly Landscape is one of the reasons which kept the Nature unspoiled till now.

The Highlights of your Tour:

  • Gorilla, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkey Tracking
  • Game Drive in Uganda’s famous Queen Elisabeth National Park
  • Ishasha the unknown wild wife attraction
  • the best of two countries Ruanda and Uganda
  • Kyaninga Lake with Panoramic View over Ruwenzori Mountains


Best of Ruanda & Uganda

Day 1 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Arrival Day – Kigali
Our driver will meet you at Kigali Airport and bring you to your hotel. Depending on the time of day, you will have the opportunity to visit the Genocide Memorial, where you will get to see a tour about the recent history of Rwanda. Alternatively you can visit one of the local markets or the Kandt Museum.

Day 2 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Kigali – Volcanoes National Park
After breakfast your drive starts along a well-maintained towards the Volcanoe Mountains. Here is where you get an idea of where the name “Land of the Thousand Hills” comes from. You will drive through small villages, past coffee and tea plantations? You can enjoy the lush vegetation and the ever-changing landscape. There is hardly any car traffic, the bike is the main used transport among the rural population of Rwanda. In the afternoon you reach Ruhengeri at the foot of the Virunga Mountains.

Day 3 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Volcanoes National Park – Golden Monkeys Tracking
Your lodge serves an early breakfast and then you drive to the starting point of the Golden Monkey Tracking. In groups of maximum 8 visitors, you will visit the Volcanoes National Park and get to see the endangered animals. Worldwide the border area between Rwanda, Uganda and Congo is the only place to watch mystic-looking Golden Monkeys. There are about 4500 animals in the deep bamboo forest, the ascent is comparatively easy to walk.

Day 4 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Volcanoes National Park – Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
A particularly scenic drive is on today. After breakfast you drive to Uganda, after the border crossing you continue to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The road leads through a particularly scenic appealing area. You will see winding roads with great views of the green terraced mountains and the Lake Bunyonyi with its 19 islands. In the later afternoon you will reach your accommodation at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Day 5 Best of Ruanda & Uganda The Highlight Of Uganda – Gorilla Tracking
Today is the absolute highlight of your Uganda journey! In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest there are gorillas and chimpanzees. This forest is the only one in Africa where you can see both. As you penetrate along the wooded hillsides, tangled vines and bamboo plants in the dense jungle, you learn a lot about the fascinating giant. The experienced guides will show you traces of previous activities of gorillas. For example, nests, dung and nibbled bamboo shoots. Suddenly you will face the strong, almost human acting mountain gorilla! You can observe how the animals have their daily activities, eating, walking, playing and sometimes fighting. Behave particularly quiet and avoid jerky movements. Enjoy these unforgettable moments with the gorilla group and help to preserve the nature of the mountain gorillas.

Day 6 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – Ishasha
Today destination is Ishasha, the only area in Uganda where the lions and leopards regularly climb the fig trees. It is the Southern Part of Queen Elisabeth National Park and Ishasha is the most beautiful hidden secret in the country. At first you drive on a ridge on the border of the Bwindi National Park, enjoy the fantastic view into the low lying valleys. At Ishasha you will see Topi Antelopes, an impressive amount of Buffalo’s and large groups of Elephants.

Day 7 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Ishasha – Queen Elisabeth National Park
The golden savannah of Ishasha is located at the Ishasha River, which also indicates the boarder to Kongo. At the riverbed Hippos and Crocodiles are gathering in an unique habitat. In addition to numerous shrubs some fig trees stand out. Between their branches lie mostly Lions and Leopards. An experience that you should not miss.

Day 8 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park
In the Queen Elisabeth National Park you take a morning game drive, you see everything that the African wildlife has to offer. There are numerous Lions, Buffaloes, Hyenas and of course only occurring in Uganda the Kobe Antelope. At the back the Ruwenzori Mountains offer a great panorama for your pictures. In the afternoon you will start a boat safari on Kazinga Channel. It connects Lake Edward and Lake George and has the largest density of Hippos and Crocodiles within the park.

Day 9 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Queen Elisabeth National Park – Fort Portal
Today you drive towards Fort Portal. The route leads through the hilly landscape with a view of the Ruwenzori mountains which sometimes covered by snow. The Mountain chain is the highest in Africa and still an unknown attraction. You will have a short stopover in Kasese. The landscape between Kasese and Fort Portal is characterized by lush green meadows and more than 50 beautiful crater lakes.

Day 10 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Kibale National Park – Chimpanzee Tracking
Accompanied by an experienced guide, you follow the footsteps of the Chimpanzees into the jungles of the Kibale Forest. The silence is interrupted by unknown sounds of some birds. Also the Chimpanzees are communicating with each other. Soon with a little luck, you will discover the first primates! They are genetically 98% like humans. During your track you become a witness of an unique moment which will remain unforgettable.

Day 11 Best of Ruanda & Uganda Kibale National Park- Kampala
Today you drive through the hills landscape of Western Uganda, pass through huge tea plantations in direction to Kampala. The landscape, which was initially shaped by agriculture and villages, changes as you get closer to the capital city of Uganda into stretches of land with small towns, industrial and craft businesses. In the late afternoon you will reach Kampala.

Day 12: Departure Day – Entebbe
Depending on the time of departure, after breakfast you will have the opportunity to take a guided tour to the Botanical Garden with a large collection of trees from all over the world. Alternatively you could go for a boat tour on Lake Victoria with bird watching activity. With a little luck you will see the very rare prehistoric Shoebill. Then depending on the departure time for your connecting flight to for example to Zanzibar or home flight our driver will bring you to Entebbe Airport.

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