Fascination Rwanda

The fascination of Rwanda leads you to the Virunga volcanoes in the north of Rwanda. This area is especially popular with tourists – also because the very rare mountain gorillas can be observed here in the wild. Also interesting is the Congo-Nile watershed in the west with Lake Kivu and the Nyungwe Forest, a cloud forest which is characterized by its special richness of species, both in animals and plants. And finally, the dry depression in northeastern Rwanda, which is home to the particularly rich Akagera National Park.

The highlights of Fascination Rwanda

– exclusive Rwanda trip from Kigali

– Game drive in Akagera National Park

– Chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe Forest

– exciting boat trip across the Kivu Lake

– Observation of the rare Golden Monkeys

– Tour to the Virunga Mountains

Itinerary and highlights of Fascination Rwanda

Day 1 Arrival day, Kigali – Rwanda

Our driver will meet you at Kigali airport and take you to your hotel. Depending on the time of day you will have the opportunity to visit the Genocide Memorial where you will get an insight into the recent history of Rwanda. Alternatively you can visit one of the lively markets or the Kandt Museum.

Day 2 Fascination Rwanda, Kigali – Akagera National Park

After breakfast you drive on well developed roads towards Akagera National Park. The park is located in the east of Rwanda, on the border to Tanzania and covers an area of about 2500 square kilometres. The Akagera NP is a paradise for bird lovers, more than 500 different bird species live there. In addition, the park is home to eland, topis, bush duiker, reedbuck, horse antelope, warthogs, anubis baboons, typhoid hyenas, striped jackals, elephants, giraffes, lions and leopards. After your arrival at the lodge you will go on your first game drive.

Day 3 Fascination Rwanda, Akagera National Park

At the lodge you will have an early breakfast and then you will drive to the northern part of Akagera National Park for another game drive. The savannah-like landscape, the views and the Tieworld will delight you. In the afternoon you will go on a boat safari on Lake Ihema.

Day 4 Fascination Rwanda, Akagera NP – Nyungwe Forest National Park

Today’s destination is the Nyungwe Forest in the southeast of Rwanda. After breakfast you will start an approximately 6 hour drive through the hilly landscape of “Switzerland of Africa” to the Nyungwe Forest.

Day 5 Fascination Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest – Chimpanzee tracking

The Nyungwe Forest is about 1000 square kilometres in size and is considered the largest continuous mountain rainforest in East Africa. Here live 13 primate species, among them about 500 chimpanzees. This morning you follow the tracks of the chimpanzees into the mountain forest accompanied by an experienced guide. With a little luck you will soon discover the first primates! Observe the chimpanzees as they play, eat, louse, cuddle or even mate.

Day 6 Fascination Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park – Kibuye

Today you drive to Kibuye on the eastern shore of Lake Kivu. The trip offers beautiful views of the large lake with its many islands and the volcanic mountains. Around noon you will reach Kibuye, probably the most beautiful city on Lake Kivu.

Day 7 Fascination Rwanda, Kibuye – Gisenyi

After breakfast you will set off on a boat trip across Lake Kivu. You will meet the local fishermen and enjoy the view over the lake to the mountain landscape on the shore. From your mooring point on the lake shore, you drive the rest of the way to Gisenyi by car along the northern shore of Lake Kivu. Relax on the small bathing beach or at the hotel’s pool with a magnificent view of the Virunga volcanoes.

Day 8 Fascination Rwanda, Gisenyi – Vulcanoes National Park

Today you drive in the direction of the Virunga Mountains. You drive through small villages, past coffee and tea plantations and enjoy the view of the lush vegetation and the constantly changing landscape. There is hardly any car traffic, the bicycle is the main means of transport for the rural population of Rwanda. In the afternoon you reach Ruhengeri at the foot of the Virunga Mountains.

Day 9 Fascination Rwanda, Virunga Mountains – Golden Monkeys Tracking

You will have an early breakfast at the lodge and then drive to the starting point of the Golden Monkey Tracking. In groups with a maximum of 8 visitors we will go to the Vulcanoes National Park, the habitat of endangered animals. Worldwide only here in the border area between Rwanda, Uganda and the Congo with about 4500 specimens there is the possibility to see the mystical looking golden monkeys. The habitat of the animals are the bamboo forests at the foot of the Virunga Mountains, the ascent is comparatively easy.

Day 10 Departure day, Kigali

After an extensive breakfast you start your journey back to Kigali. From here you can take a connecting flight to Zanzibar or fly back to Germany.

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