Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

The Lemosho Route captures great views of the landscape of Amboseli National Park as well as the green Mountains of the Meru. This is the most remote way up the peak of Kilimanjaro. The first day takes you through dense rainforest. During the hiking day, there is a beautiful view of Kibo and Shira Plateau. If you have time we recommend you this route.

The highlights of your Kilimanjaro Tour

• Our favorite among the Kilimanjaro routes
• Scenic and very lush, natural route
• The height profile provides a very good prerequisite for acclimatization
• until the Barranco-Camp is little frequented, then merger with Machame route
• the ascent takes the Lemosho route and descent via the Mweka route
• View of Mt. Meru, Amboseli National Park, Shira Plateau, Kibo, Moshi, Mawenzi
• Long and adventurous approach to West Kilimanjaro
• Climbing Pass * Barranco Wall *
• Normal route will take seven days
• km 72

Itinerary and Highlights of Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route

Day 1 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route Arrival Day

You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and our driver will bring you to your Hotel in Moshi.

Day 2 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Moshi – Mti Mkubwa Camp 2780m

It takes approximately two hours to the Landorossi Gate, which is located on the westside of Kilimanjaro. After your mountain guide stows away your luggage, the ascent begins through dense rainforest. Colombus monkeys populate the trail and, on occasion, Elephants and Buffalo as well. After about three hours of hiking, you arrive at the Mti Mkubwa Camp where tents are set for the night.
Duration: 3h Distance: 7km Ascent: 680m

Day 3 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Mti Mkubwa Camp 2780m – Shira Camp Two (Cathedral) 3900m

14 Kilometres are hiked on day two. After breakfast, hikers make their way out of the rainforest and follow an ascending trail that is surrounded by Heather Bushes, Lobelia Flowers, and the tallest Senecio flowers in the world (measuring over 9 feet tall). At 3500 meters, you cross the Shira Plateau and arrive at Shira Camp Two. There is a beautiful view of Mount Kibo, Mount Meru and the edge of the Shira Crater. Tents are set for the night’s stay.
Duration: 7-8h Distance: 14km Ascent: 1120m

Day 4 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Shira Camp Two (Cathedral) 3900m – Barranco Camp 3960m

This day is important for altitude acclimation. In the morning, you begin your hike through enormous boulders to Lava Tower (4600 meter). In the afternoon, you descent from Lava Rock to the Barranco Camp and the landscape turns into beautiful lush vegetation. In the distance, the African red sunset begins to appear as hikers arrive at the Barranco Camp. Hikers prepare their rest for the night.
Duration: 6-7h Distance: 10km Ascent: 700m Descent: 600m

Day 5 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Barranco Camp 3965m – Karanga Camp 3970m

Today’s start is a later one. Hikers are encouraged to have an easy morning and enjoy the warmth of the African sun. After a relaxing breakfast, there is a short scramble to the top of the Great Barannco and then a traverse over ridges to the Karanga Valley, beneath the icefalls and along glacier springs. After three hours of hiking, hikers arrive at the Karanga Camp and stay the night.
Duration: 3-4h Distance: 6km

Day 6 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Karanga Camp 4035m – Barafu Camp 4640m

The first trek of the morning is easy and picturesque. There is a beautiful view of the Karanga Valley, Mountain Peaks in the Southwest, and Rebmann Glacier. Hikers cross the valley and begin to rise to the Barafu Camp which is sourrounded by volcanic foothills. There is a spectacular view of the Mawenzi (5100m). This is where camp will be set for the night.
Duration: 3-4h Distance: 4km Ascent: 605m

Day 7 Summit day! Barafu Camp 4640m – Uhuru Peak 5895m – Millennium Camp 3790m

After midnight, hikers begin their summit. There is a difficult six to nine hour ascent through rubble and snow in the dark and cold. Hikers reach Stella Point (5745 m) and hike 150 meters further to the highest point in Africa. They are rewarded with a beautiful sunrise at Uhuru Peak (5895 m). The descend passes Stella Point to the Millennium Camp where camp is set for the night.
Duration: 11-13h Distance: 16km Ascent: 1255m Descent: 2105

Day 8 Kilimanjaro Lemosho Route – Millennium Camp 3790m – Park Gate Mweka 1800m

For the last day in Kilimanjaro National Park, hikers enjoy a descend through lush rainforest to the Mweka Gate. From there, you are returned to your hotel in Moshi.
Duration: 4-5h Distance: 13km Descent: 2110m

Day 9 Departure Day

Depending on the time of departure, after breakfast our driver guide will drop you off at the airport or you can start another travel package. Also there are several day tours offered from Moshi (Coffee Tour, Biking Tour in the Sugar Plantations, Lake Challa Tour – please book in advance)

You can also combine the Kilimanjaro with a nice Safari to the northern national Parks of Tanzania, or an Gorilla Climb in Uganda. If you think your legs will be too heavy after the Kilimanjaro Climb we can recommend some nice beach hotels on Zanzibar.

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There are 4 more Routes to the Top of Kilimanjaro

  • Marangu Route

    it is the shortest Route and the only one with huts. On Marangu Route you will use the same path for climb and descend

  • Machame Route

    is the most popular Route on Kilimanjaro because of the wonderful Landscape and perfect profile in terms of acclimatization

  • Umbwe Route

    is only for super fit mountaineers with altitude experience do the steep and sophisticated climb.

  • Rongai Route

    is also called the Desert Route do the dry environment. Still hiking over the Kibo Saddle is one of the most beautiful pars at Mount Kilimanjaro