Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route

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Due to lower precipitation levels, the Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route is unique compared with all other routes on Mount Kilimanjaro. The sparse landscape and peacefulness of the “Desert Route” has its special attraction. The Ronagi Route passes through Mount Kilimanjaro and descends to the Marangu Route. To acclimate better, we recommend you to spend an additional day at the Mawenzi Tarn Hut. For professional mountain climbers with advanced experience, it is possible to save one day by climbing to the Sekimba Camp directly to the 3rd cave and onto the Kibo Hut.


Highlights on Mount Kilimanjaro Rongai Route

• also known as Desert Route
• long drive on tarmac to the starting point
• first day through a reforestation area
• the most beautiful camp on Kilimanjaro is the Mawenzi Tarn Camp
• the hike over the saddle is unique and offers great views to the Kibo
• the height profile provides good condition for acclimatization
• Experience has shown that the acclimation of this route is difficult
• possibility of crossing Mt. Kilimanjaro
• 70 km

Itinerary short
 Day Kilimanjaro Rongai Route
hours km
1 Arrival Day Kilimanjaro Airport – Moshi
2 Nalemoro 2020m – Sekimba Camp 2700m 3h 7
3 Sekimba Camp 2700m – Kikelewa Camp 3650m 7-8h 14
4 Kikelewa Camp 3650m – Mawenzi Tarn Hütte 4330m 6-7h 14
5 Mawenzi Tarn Hut 4330m – Kibo Hütte 4703m 3-4h 14
6 Kibo Hütte 4703m – Uhuru Peak 5895 – Horombo Hütte 3720m 3-4h 14
7 Horombo Hut 3720m – Marangu Park Gate 2700m 4-5h 14
8 Departure Day
 participants Kilimanjaro Price
2 Rongai Route
2.097 USD request book
4 Rongai Route
1,977 USD request book
6 Rongai Route
1.875 USD request book
single tent suppliment
100 USD

2 x Lodge
5 x Camping

6 x Breakfast
6 x Lunchbox or Lunch
5 x Dinner

• all transfers according to the itinerary
• all Kilimanjaro National Park and Camping fees
• Fees for porter, cook and mountain guide
• professional, English speaking guide
• depending on group size additional as asistant leader
• Cook and porter team
• Cooking and camping equipment, water filter
• Mountain Rescue (by land)
• First aid bag and emergency oxygen
• tour meeting

A high level of endurance, surefootedness and a tolerance of height until 5900 m is needed. Per day the walking hours are between 5 – 7 (on summit usually 12 to 14 hours). The temperatures can drop to -20 degrees in the summit area. The mental and physical preparation for this tour is essential.

age restrictions:
starting at 10 years


Kilimanjaro – Rongai Route

Day 1 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route Arrival Day

You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and our driver will bring you to your Hotel in Moshi.

Day 2 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Nalemuru Gate 2020m – Simba Camp 2625m

From Moshi, you and your team will drive three to five hours (depending upon weather conditions) on a dirt road to the Ranger station above the village Nalemoru. After stowing away your luggage, you start hiking from here. The walk is initially through plantations then rain forest and finally bush country. Sekimba Camp is the first destination. It is set in the midst of the beautiful Moorland with a lookout to the Kibo Hut.
Here camp will be set.
Duration: 3-4h Distance: 8km Ascent: 605m

Day 3 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Simba Camp 2625m – Kikelewa Camp 3630m

The hike continues through knee-high vegetation in the Moorland over several ridges to Kikelea Caves. The route is a very dusty. After a short lunch break, you proceed to Kikelewa Camp where you will pitch your tents situated in the protected lowers in the midst of gigantic Senecio plants. Duration: 5-6h Distance: 10km Ascent: 1005m

Day 4 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Kikelewa Camp 3630m – Mawenzi Tarn Camp 4310m

After a short steep rise over grass-covered slopes, a long path takes you directly to Mawenzi where you will be treated to a fantastic panorama view of the volcanic landscape. After approximately four hours, you arrive to a plateau where camp is set at the Mawenzi Tarn Camp.
Duration: 3-4h Distance: 5km Ascents: 680m

Day 5 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Mawenzi Tarn Camp 4310m – School Hut 4715m

Once the vegetation disappears, the route becomes sandy and continues through angled slopes across the mountain saddle. The Kibo Hut awaits as a resting place to rejuvenate you for the remainder of your day stay.
Duration: 4-5h Distance: 8km Ascent: 405m

Day 6 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Summit Day! School Hut 4715m – Uhuru Peak 5895m – Horombo Hut 3720m

Today is the crucial day! There is a very early start at 1 am for the summit. After two hours of hiking in the dark, you arrive at the Hans Meyer cave. The route is very steep and scattered with volcanic ashes and lava rock. Shortly before daybreak you make it to Gilman’s Point (5715m). In the east, the sky begins to illuminate until finally the top of the red sun becomes visible. Sunbeams unveil the volcanic landscape: the sun streams illuminate the edge of crater, continue to outline the Ratzel Glacier, and highlight the Uhuru peak (5895m) until finally there is a full view of the highest mountain of Africa: Kilimanjaro. Over the lava fields, you descent to the Horombo hut for an overnight stay.
Duration: 12-14h Distance: 21km Ascent: 1180m Descent: 2175m

Day 7 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Horombo Hut 3720m – Marangu Gate 1860m

It takes a leisurely walk of five to six hours to arrive at the park gate from the Horombo hut. Have a look back to Kibo, while going down and greeting just arrived mountaineers. From the gate you are returned to Moshi.
Duration: 5-6h Distance: 18km Descent: 1860m

Day 8 Kilimanjaro Trekking Rongai Route – Departure Day

Depending on the time of departure, after breakfast our driver guide will drop you off at the airport or you can start another travel package. Also there are several day tours offered from Moshi (Coffee Tour, Biking Tour in the Sugar Plantations, Lake Challa Tour -please book in advance).

If you are not sure which route to climb, check also Lemosho Route  is undouble our favorite Route on Mt. Kilimanjaro do it has the most naturally path to the peak. It also provides a perfect profile for acclimatization with the perfect climb duration to summit.

There are 4 more Routes to the Top of Kilimanjaro

  • Marangu Route

    it is the shortest Route and the only one with huts. On Marangu Route you will use the same path for climb and descend

  • Machame Route

    is the most popular Route on Kilimanjaro because of the wonderful Landscape and perfect profile in terms of acclimatization

  • Umbwe Route

    is only for super fit mountaineers with altitude experience do the steep and sophisticated climb.

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