Trekkingtour – Rwenzori Mountains

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The Rwenzori Mountains with more than 20 peaks over 4500 meters the highest mountain chain in Africa. At its peak the Margherita Peak is 5109 m, it is located right on the border between Uganda and Congo. We offer this tour as a trek without climbing the peak. The Ruwenzories are often committing only with rubber depths inaccessible and because of the swamps and marshes. Here It is well worth a 6-day tour to undertake because the real highlights are waiting after 3 days and after leaving the cloud rich region on us. Giant lobelia and Riesensenezien, bamboo groves, mountain cloud forests, raised bogs with lichens and mosses do this, also called lunar mountains mountains to one of the most impressive parts of the world.

Trekkingtour Rwenzori Mountains
• our favorite among Uganda routes
• highest mountain chain in Africa
• trekking tour without climbing the peak
• unique bog and moorland
• one of the most impressive mountain ranges of the world
• fantastic views of Mt. Baker and Mt. Stanley
• mystical waterscapes with rich vegetation


Rwenzori Mountains

Day 1 Kasese – Ruwenzori Nationalpark 1450 m – Sine Hut 2596 m

From Kasese we drive about 30 minutes to the Rwenzori National Park entrance. There the usual formalities to be clarified before the climb starts. Through the rainforest we constantly walk uphill. The fascinating world of the moon mountains’ offers a real jungle atmosphere with monkey cries of wild chimpanzees and Colombo. The high trees are covered with lichen and fungi. Only about 200 meters before the end of the Day you get past the Enock waterfall. The Sine Hut is located just below the bamboo zone, which attracts thousands of various species of birds.

Day 2 Sine Hut 2596 m – Kiharo Camp 3518 m

From the Sine hut we come first on marshy paths, the boots are used. It goes through a unique Erika forest, past huge cushions of moss and gnarled branches. This is followed by steep climbs and descents and short repeatedly swampy paths. The view from the ridge and the magnificent flora compensate for the effort. We walk through the Nyamwamba valleys.

Day 3 Kiharo Camp 3518 m – Bugata Camp 4062 m

After breakfast you depart towards Bugata Camp. The mystical landscape of deep valleys, small streams, waterfalls right and left of the path and the first lakes act like a landscape from another world. Here the vegetation of Ruwenzori is most original. We pass the Lake Africa and the Lake Kopello and reach on a ledge above the Lake Kopello located Bugata Camp.

Day 4 Bugata Camp 4062 m – Butawu Camp 3974 m

From Bugata camp we start today on the Bamwanjara Pass with its 4450 m back down to Butawa Camp on 3974 m. The first piece runs along the southern shore of Lake Kopello before it goes right to the top for Bamanzara Ridge. The path runs repeatedly on muddy serpentine paths and through several marshes. On a clear day you can see the top of Mt. Baker and Mt. Stanley.Am evening we reach the Butawap.

Day 5 Butawu Camp 3974m – Mutinda Camp 3688m

In the morning there is a long descent to Camp Mutinda. The route passses by Lake Kopello on the way to Lake Africa. There we leave the known route and continue through several swamps, over a deep black trail in a natural setting of water, lush grass, moss and lichen. After crossing a river we get to the Mutinda Camp.

Day 6 Mutinda Camp – Kalalama Camp 3134 m

Today we start after breakfast to a rather easy Day. It goes back through mud, swamp, past giant Senezien and lobelia, to full color of moss and past massive Erika trees. We cross small rivers and enjoy constant views of scenic waterscapes. We reach the Kalalama Camp, it is noticeably warmer at night and there are early signs of returning to civilization.

Day 7 Kalalama Camp 3134 m – Kilembe

On the last day of our trek Ruwenzori it goes back through the bamboo zone and through the mountain rainforest. We leave the park and come in agricultural and inhabited regions. There are some steep sections before arriving Kilembe afternoon.