Safari Best of West Tanzania

When Jane entered the Gombe forest at age 26, the world knew very little about chimpanzees. Equipped with binoculars and a notepad, she immersed herself in their habitat and changed the understanding of chimpanzees. Through Jane Goodall, the relationship between humans and animals was redefined.

The highlights of the Safari The best in the West

  •  Untouched paradise in western Tanzania
  • Gombe National Park with chimpanzee trekking
  • African wildlife with giraffes, antelopes, zebras and much more
  • Livingstone Museum in Kigoma
  • Katavi National Park with the largest buffalo population worldwide
  • Sun-downer and swimming in Lake Tanganyika
  • private guided safari in a Landcruiser
  • incl. all lodges and park fees

Itinerary and highlights Safari Best of West Tanzania

Day 1 Dar es Salaam – flight to Kigoma

After breakfast you will be driven to Dar es Salaam Airport (DAR). From here you will start your journey to Lake Tanganyika, which is one of the African Great Lake. Besides Tanzania, Burundi, Zambia and Congo also border the longest freshwater lake in the world. The flight takes about two hours and you can observe the different facets of the interior from a bird’s eye view. Upon arrival in Kigoma, our driver will meet you and take you to the hotel.

Day 2 Kigoma, Livingston Museums

The day begins with a view of the beautiful Lake Tanganyika. The mountains on the Congolese border can be seen on the horizon and fishing boats float on the calm lake. You can use the morning for swimming. After noon you will drive to Ujiji, the access road is on an old town pavement. The two African explorers David Livingstone and Henry Stanley met there under a mango tree. In the museum you will learn more about their work and what they were highly recognized for.
Driving time: 0,5h Distance: 15 km

Day 3 Gombe National Park, Chimpanzee Tracking

Before the sun lights up the day, you will board the boat and set off for a wonderful boat trip. Along the shore, past small villages, the beginning forest area signals that you have reached the Gombe Stream. The white, round stones along the shore form a strong contrast to the densely forest mountainside and let you guess that this is a very special place! After an introduction you will continue on foot. The chimpanzee tracking begins. In total there are about 120 chimpanzees living in 3 different groups, which are territorially separated from each other. It goes steeply uphill and the forest has a biophilia effect with sustainability. Listen for a moment! Then you finally hear them. Completely relaxed the chimpanzees go about their daily routine: eating, cleaning, sleeping and lousing. It may get noisy sometimes when it comes to the ranking of the chimpanzees. However, it is wonderful to see how they are able to feel empathy.
Boat Trip: 2h Distance: 25 km Hike: 3-4h

Day 4 Kigoma – Katavi National Park, Game Drive

The route takes you along one of the most scenic routes in Tanzania. Forest regions, open grass plains and rocky hills can be seen along the way and at Nkondwe Waterfall it is worth stopping for a short walk. The birdlife is impressive and already visible during a short stopover, including the Red Bishop and Red-collared Widowbird. Upon reaching the park, the game drive begins. Significant is the Katuma River, from whose bridge hippos can often be seen.
Driving time: 5h Distance: 330 km Hike: 0.5h

Day 5 Katavi National Park, Game Drive

Today we will go on a true spectacle of nature. Towards the end of the dry season, up to 200,000 buffalo, elephant and hippo can congregate in the lower water-rich river basins. The concentration of biomass in the Katavi is probably the largest in Tanzania. On your safari, you will drive through bushveld and open savannah that allows for unobstructed views. You may well see wild dogs in the wild. Katavi National Park is without a doubt one of the most remote, vast and untouched parks in Africa.
Game drive: 2x4h or 1x 6-8h Distance: 80 km

Day 6 Katavi Park, Game Drive – Lake Tanganyika

After a short game drive in the morning, you will continue your journey, even though it is hard to leave the beautiful park, the next unique place is already waiting for your visit. Surprisingly, after leaving the park, there is a first-class tar road. The hustle and bustle of the village invites you for a short stop. Want to try some local cuisine? Then continue on an off-road track to the beautifully situated Lake Shore Lodge.
Game Drive: 2-3h Driving Time: 3h Distance: 185 km

Day 7 Lake Tanganyika, stay

In the spectacular lying lodge you can arrange your stay independently. There are numerous possibilities to actively explore the surroundings or to enjoy the view of the lake in a relaxed way. The activities are described under Lake Shore Lodge. The sunsets are unique.

Day 8 Lake Tanganyika, drive to Mpanda, flight to Dar es Salaam

After leaving the lodge, head back towards Katavi National Park. Review the last days and enjoy the stunning nature in the remote part of Tanzania. From Mpanda airport you will fly to Dar es Salaam (DAR).
Travel time: approx.4h Distance: 220 km Flight: 2,5h

Tourcode: Q109200

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