Safari Escape Ruaha

Our Safari Escape Ruaha is the perfect tour if you have planned a Zanzibar vacation and want to make a short detour to the mainland. The Great Ruaha National Park offers optimal conditions for a perfect safari with the Big Five, but also zebras, giraffes, antelopes, jackals, and hyenas. With a small airplane we will bring you directly to the national park and the safari will start. You will be thrilled!

The highlights of Safari Escape Ruaha

  • Ruaha National Park is renowned for its excellent wildlife-sighting
  • Safari Destination with low number of visitors
  • The Ruaha area hosts 10% of the world’s lion population
  • Ruaha National Park is known for his large Elephant Population

Itinerary and highlights of Safari Escape Ruaha

Day 1 Safari Escape Ruaha, flight Zanzibar – Ruaha National Park, Game Drive

Today you fly from Zanzibar to the magnificent Ruaha National Park. After a short flight you will be picked up from the airstrip and brought to the lodge. In the afternoon the first game drive begins. Ruaha National Park is part of an extensive ecosystem that includes other protected areas. Therefore, the Ruaha is particularly rich in species. Besides the large number of lions and elephants, the Ruaha National Park also provides habitat for the Greater and Lesser Kudus, which are mostly rarely seen.

Day 2 Ruaha National Park, Game Drive

After breakfast, an extended game drive along the Ruaha River, which is the main lifeline of the National Park, begins. An African Osprey sits in the highest treetop – no movement escapes its eyes. On the shore, a group of baboons is lazing under the first warming sunrays of the day. They sit just a few metres from the path where the hippo walks back into the river in the morning. The leopard on the other side of the river is no danger to the hippo – he enjoys the view over the Ruaha River, which is 200m wide in sections.

Day 3 Ruaha National Park, Game Drive

Today you can choose between a full day game drive or two short game drives in the morning and evening. Only a few minutes after leaving the lodge the driver will show you the vastness of the savannah. A family of elephants walks purposefully to the next larger waterhole. The lead cow advances unstoppably, while the baby elephants follow and sometimes prefer to walk backwards. Their movements are clumsy and playful at the same time – what fun.

Day 4 flight Ruaha National Park – Zanzibar

Lions hunt together according to a strict plan. In the dark of the night, they have hunted an old buffalo. The scene quickly attracts hyenas, jackals, and vultures. A special event that can be observed more often on an early morning game drive. The lions must stubbornly defend their prey. Around noon they prefer to go to a shady place. Then is the time for hyenas and vultures to clean up. After the morning game drive with many new impressions, we take you to the landing strip. Before there we take a short flight back to Zanzibar.

Tourcode: Q103973

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