Serengeti and Crater

If you do not have much time but still want to see the most beautiful national parks in Tanzania, this tour offers in 4 days to see Serengeti and Ngorogoro Crater.

Die Highlights of your Safari:

• spectacular game viewing in the Serengeti Plains
• impressive landforms with bushy gallery forests and steep crater slopes
• private safari with driver for the desired date
• high chances to see in 2 days, the “Big Five
• compact tour with long journeys

Itinerary and Highlights of Serengeti and Crater

Day 1 Arrival Day

You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and our driver will bring you to your Hotel in Moshi.

Day 2 Moshi – Serengeti National Park

After being picked up at your hotel in Moshi, you will go on a long, varied tour with a spectacular target – the Serengeti. This national park is home to a great variety of wildlife. Besides giraffes, buffalos, hyenas, antelopes and elephants, a large number of wildcats including lions, cheetahs and leopards await you. In the evening, you will get a taste of what is to come on the following, exciting day.

Day 3 Serengeti National Park

The second day starts in the heart of the Serengeti, among huge umbrella thorn acacias and fig trees. The range of hills in the north feed several water holes, which attract impalas, reedbucks and baboons. Hippos splash in the water and the high grass at the riverbanks give shelter to hungry leopards and lions. This day is completely devoted to game drives in the Serengeti. You can decide how you would like to organize the day.

Day 4 Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro

On the third day, you will get up early for a sunrise game drive where you will be able to see the African wildlife waking up. After brunch, you will head towards Ngorongoro Crater. On the way, you will pass massive granite rocks, known as kopjes, which are a favourite place for poisonous snakes, dik-diks, mongooses and lions. Mother lions like to hide their cubs there. In the evening, you will return to your lodge at the crater rim.

Day 5 Ngorongoro Krater – Moshi

The next morning, you will enter the Ngorongoro Crater, a protected World Heritage site. You can find almost all wild animal species of East Africa there, including the “big five” – lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos and leopards all have habitats in the naturally delimited nature reserve. In the afternoon, you will leave and head
back to Moshi.

Day 6 Departure Day

Depending on the time of departure, after breakfast our driver guide will drop you off at the airport or you can start another travel package. Also there are several day tours offered from Moshi (Coffee Tour, Biking Tour in the Sugar Plantations, Lake Challa Tour -please book in advance)

Tourcode: Q100111