Tanzania Great Migration Ndutu

Ndutu is the place where the animals of the Great Migration are born. Every year they take a break and give birth to thousands of zebra foals and gnu calves. The Ndutu area is known for its short grass plains, where extremely nutritious grass grows. The grasses are particularly well nourished, and it provides little cover for predators to sneak in unrecognized.

The highlights of your safari Great Migration Ndutu
– Observation of the large animal herds
– exciting game drives in the Serengeti
– scenic drive to Ngorongoro
– Animal watching in the Ngorongoro Crater
– authentic insights into an original Africa
– Big Five during the tour
– proven authentic lodges

Itinerary and Highlights of Tanzania Great Migration Ndutu

Day 1 Arrival day Tanzania Kilimanjaro (JRO) – Arusha

Our driver awaits you at Kilimanjaro airport and takes you to your hotel in Arusha. Depending on the time of day you will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings, enjoy the view of Mount Meru or do some shopping in the wilderness before your safari.

Day 2 Drive to Tarangire National Park, game drive

After pick-up at the hotel our driver will depart to the Tarangire National Park, which is especially known for its high number of elephants. The name of the park comes from the Tarangire river which is the only source of water for the wild animals in the dry season. The National Park is approximately 2,850 square kilometers big with a varied scenery. Hills, savanna and swamps change with each other. The huge Baobab trees are impressive.

Day 3 Full day game drive Oloirbi Swamps

On today’s full day game drive, you can explore the quiet southern part of Tarangire National Park. In the rainy season from April to May, the Ngusero Oloirbi and Lomakau swamps are filled with rainwater, and in the dry season, the lower plains offer animals water reserves and pasture grass on the flower meadows. While the landscape in the north is dominated by huge Baobabs, the open grasslands offer a wide view and little hiding places for predictors. In the evening you return to your lodge.

Day 4 Tarangire National Park – Serengeti National Park

Immediately after breakfast you set off for the journey to the Serengeti, the route leads over the Ngorongoro Crater. Take a sweater with you, the temperatures can cool down quickly at the altitude of Ngorongoro. From the crater rim you can enjoy a clear view into the gigantic crater on cloudless days. Continue over the crater rim and then down towards the Nabi Park entrance of the Serengeti. Take a small break and while your driver clears the formalities, you can climb Nabi Hill for a souvenir photo. The golden-yellow plain of the Serengeti shows its infinite vastness. You don’t have to drive far to spot the first animals. Whether zebras, giraffes, elephants, lions or jackals, there is always something to see. Ask your driver, he will be able to tell you many interesting things about the nature reserves. While you make the first animal photos the driver will interpret the behavior of the animals. Most of the time he is right but sometimes he is not. At the latest with the reaching of Seronera also hippos become visible. Along the shore there are also many bird species, the right place to use the light of the nocturnal sun for good pictures. Shortly before sunset you reach your lodge.

Day 5 Serengeti National Park, game drive

Seronera is the heart of the Serengeti National Park. Here, at the center life pulsates all year round, because not every one of the 1.5 million wildebeest and 500,000 zebras sets off on the long hike. A decisive part resides in Seronera. There the grass never completely disappears from the wide plains and the rivers offer water all year round. Where there are zebras and antelopes, lions, cheetahs, hyenas and leopards are not far away. Elephants, hippos and crocodiles can also be seen here all year round. Here you spend the whole day with game drive and wild animal observation.

Day 6 Serengeti – great Migration – Ndutu Area

The well-known animal migration of Serengeti National Park moves to the south borders near Ndutu from November to March. The animals follow the rain and thus the fast-growing grasses in this region. The Ndutu Area is known for its grassy plains with particularly nutritious grass that supplies the gnu calves and zebra foals with important minerals via their mother’s milk. Every year the animals in these plains give birth to thousands of calves and foals, a special natural spectacle without equal. In the grass plains, the offspring gain strength for the long and strenuous hike to the north.

Tag 7 Game drive in the morning, Ndutu – Drive to Ngorongoro

In the morning you set off on a game drive in the beautiful Ndutu region. There is plenty of time for game viewing as the Ngorongoro highlands are already visible. Along the way you can regularly see hyenas, jackals, wildebeests, zebras and various bird species. In the Ngorongoro Reserve there are also many Massai with their herds of cattle. Only here they can live in harmony with the wild animals. The highlands of the Ngorongoro are getting closer, a few clouds are hanging on its flank, perhaps there will be rain. The drive up to the crater offers another great view of the impressive landscape of this popular region. In the evening you arrive at your lodge.

Day 8 Game drive Ngorongoro Crater – Drive to Arusha

The lush highland forest of the crater rim impresses with its thick mossy tree trunks. Imposing buffaloes and warthogs regularly cross the forest and graze on open grasslands. After breakfast at the lodge you drive to the crater floor. At first sight you can see some zebras and antelopes, but also hyenas, foxes and lions. In the center of the crater is Lake Magadi, a popular picnic spot with gigantic views. Numerous hippos spend the day in the lake, at night you hike up to 10 km to graze. Big elephant bulls like to stay in the Lerai Forest or the Gorigor Swamp. The diversity of the animal world will inspire you.

Day 9 Departure day – Drive to Kilimanjaro Airport

The impressive days in Tanzania have had a strong impact on you, Africa has fascinated you. So many wild animals, the impressive nature with a lot of variety and the friendliness of the people surprised you. After breakfast, our driver will take you to Kilimanjaro airport for your return flight or to your continues flight to Zanzibar.

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