Uganda and Zanzibar

14 days from 1500 USD

You have experienced the highlights of Uganda and would followed enjoy a few days of sun, beach and blue sea. Each of our Uganda tours can be combined with our Sansibarprogramm. Our follow-up program on the spice island of Zanzibar is the perfect addition to your Uganda trip. Finest white sand, turquoise sea and coconut palms await you. Stroll to the often deserted beaches, watch the fishermen on their sailing Dows and relax in your beach hotel. The historic Stone Town with its winding streets and its houses made of coral stone, the markets and small shops where you can buy African crafts, spices and colorful towels is worth a visit. Zanzibar is a journey worth.

Highlights of your journey Uganda and Sansibar

• perfect combination of Safari, trekking and beach holidays
• Our modular system allows various travel options
• Two interesting East African countries on a journey
• easy access and short distance flights
• Adventure and Relaxation


Uganda and Zanzibar