Zanzibar Beach Holiday – Beach and Sea

The tropical island with the famous name Zanzibar is a place of sensation. You will find exotic spices, white sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms and colorful coral gardens. The coral reefs are unique with a rich world of tropical beautiful colored fish. Come and join the Underwater world of Zanzibar during a snorkel or diving tour.

The holiday paradise of Zanzibar offers remarkable beaches at Nungwi, Matembwe and Jambiani. While Nungwi is the liveliest fisher village on the island, Jambiani and Matembwe present the quit beach paradise. Everyone will find his perfect Zanzibar Hotel. Zanzibar offers a wide ranch of Hotels. Five Star accommodation with different swimming pools, restaurants and sport activities available as simple beach bungalow.

As a Zanzibar tradition you should take a Dhaw Boot Tour for Sunset or Sunrise – a one life experience at the Indian Ocean. The color of the sea is breathtaking and the crystal-clear water offers all year a round warm temperatures. Zanzibar is also the perfect place for snorkeling or diving. The sister Island Mbemba belongs the one of the hot diving spots in the world.

Last but not least visit Stone Town. As a historical trading town, it has a unique appearance with narrow streets and elaborately carved Zanzibar doors. It is amazing the walk though those streets full of live, small coffeeshops and markets with Zanzibar spices. Pay a visit to the House of Wonders and the Mercury House.

From Stone Town you can also start the Spice Tour. One of the best Day Tours on Zanzibar. The Spice Tour will lead you to one of the Plantations where you will smell, task, feel and see many different spices as cloves, pineapple, lipstick fruit and much more. But there are many more Day Tour opportunities on Zanzibar. For Example, the Jozani Forest Tour, the Delphin Tour, Prison Island and Kwale Island Tour.

Zanzibar Beach Holiday – Choose your dream trip