Sustainability Policy of Afromaxx

Nature is our passion and our business. Taking care of the environment is a must for us and that is why we are always actively trying to have a positive impact in nature and our environment.

We strive for having a positive impact in waste management, support for the local communities and sharing the knowledge and love for the environment. We pursue our goal in as many ways as possible, through this Sustainability Policy, we structure our activities.

Our specific goals are:

  • To fulfil the laws and standards that forward the sustainable development.
  • To use our influence for other parties to work in a sustainable manner
  • To protect our environment and to have a positive impact on it
  • To benefit the traditional an established communities to create a balance between nature, business, and culture
  • To provide information, training and support to colleagues and external partners, to engage them towards sustainability
  • To provide sustainable information about our products to encourage our clients to opt for sustainable travel options

In our offices:

  • We ensure that our employees understand our goals and are accountable for the implementation of our sustainable policies
  • We monitor, reduce and manage waste in a responsible way
  • We measure our use of natural resources especially energy and look for ways to reduce them
  • We purchase local products where we can and limit the use of small packaging
  • We respect our employees, their diversity and advance their wellbeing wherever we can.
  • We share best practices and raise awareness on sustainability among our teams and partners
  • We communicate on our achievements against our sustainable goals, internally and externally through thorough reporting at least once a year.

On the ground:

  • We prefer to work with locally owned businesses reflecting local cultures (hotels, lodges, restaurants, handicraft outlets, arts and culture centers)
  • We drive positive change within our supply chain, monitor their sustainable practices, share best practices, and organize training
  • We ensure that travels we organize do not have adverse effects on the environment or society, especially sensitive activities that may bring travellers into contact with animals, children, or remote communities.
  • We give back to neighbouring communities by supporting projects addressing local development challenge, encouraging fair employment opportunities and wellbeing advancement.
  • We promote Responsible Tourism in our industry and to stakeholders we engage with in our destination(s).
  • We put our clients and guests at the forefront of our business and help them to make informed decisions when travelling.

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies, please contact

Our progress

Afromaxx is currently a Travelife Engaged company, this means that we are receiving the support of Travelife to improve, standardize and supervise our Sustainability.

Our immediate goal is to reach the Travelife Partner status, which is a stepping stone towards a full Travelife Certification

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies, please contact