Travel to Uganda – a unique place

13 days from 3275 USD

During this 13 days across Uganda and visit the most beautiful national parks. These include Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Kibale National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. You will experience a variety of great wildlife during a walking safari, a boat safari, the chimpanzee and gorilla tracking as well as some spectacular game drives.


Highlights of your Uganda Classic Journey

• private journey through the pearl of Africa
• high class handpicked lodges
• visit the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
• spectacular boat safari on the River Nile
• exciting game drives in Murchison National Park
• chimpanzee tracking in Kibale National Park
• exciting walking safari in Lake Mburo National Park
• take pictures of the tree climbing lions at Ishasha
• equators crossing

Itinerary short
1Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park
2Murchison Falls National Park
3Murchison Falls NP – Lake Albert
4Lake Albert – Kibale Forest National Park
5Kibale Forest NP – Chimpanzees Tracking
6Kibale Forest NP – Queen Elizabeth National Park
7Queen Elizabeth National Park – Boot Safari Kazinga Channel
8Ishasha – Bwindi Impenetrable
9Bwindi Impenetrable NP – Gorilla Tracking
10Bwindi Impenetrable NP – Lake Mburo NP
11Lake Mburo NP – Kampala /Entebbe
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4Uganda Classic3.370 USDRequestBooking
6Uganda Classic3.275 USDRequestBooking
Single supplement:Uganda Classic560 USDRequestBooking
Uganda Classic1123.01.201702.02.20173.395 USDbooking
Uganda Classic1120.02.201702.03.20173.395 USDbooking
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Uganda Classic1102.04.201812.04.20183.395 USDbooking

All other dates are possible on request


10x Lodges / Hotels



• all transfers according to the itinerary
• Transfers in SUV
• All park entrance fees
• 1x chimpanzees Permit
• professional, English speaking guide
• Escorted Hike Lake Mburo
• boat safari on the Nile
• Game drives in Queen Elizabeth

Extra cost:
• Gorilla Permit (600 USD)
• Gratuities (USD 20 per vehicle)

Additional programs

Additional Itineraries to this tour

• Safari 2 days Ngorogoro Special – Link
• Beachholiday at Zanzibar Hakuna Matata Lodge – Link


You need team spirit, a good endurance and condition. The minimum age for gorillas and chimpanzees tracking is 15 years. In addition, participants may not suffer from infectious diseases.

The surcharge for the Gorilla Permit is due to the bill and is non-refundable.

National Parks

Queen-Elizabeth-National Park
The Queen Elizabeth National Park is dominated by Lake Edward in the west and Lake George in the east. Both lakes are connected by the Kazinga Channel. Not far away lies the Rwenzori Mountains, which dominates the landscape. Hippos and pelicans catch the eye, next to indicates the presence of African buffalo, elephant, lion, various antelope and over 600 bird species on the ecological diversity of the area.

Murchison Falls National Park
The largest protected area of the country extends beyond the Murchison Falls National Park. A spectacular waterfall of the Victoria Nile was eponymous for this park, life on the Nile crocodiles and hippos. A particularity of this wildlife-rich Savanenlandschaft represents the rare Ugandan Giraffe (also: Rothschild Giraffe) represents and the rare shoebill stork.

Kibale-National Park
The Kibale National Park is known for its habituated chimpanzees. Its rainforests support a total of 13 species of primates (inter alia Red colobus (Colobus Red) and Eastern Hoest’s monkey) and a larger inventory of forest elephants. It covers 766 km² and is located approximately 40 km south of Fort Portal.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Since 1994, the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a World Heritage Site and protecting the habitat of 400 mountain gorillas. That is 50% of the world total population. The National Park is high between 1160m and 2600m. In so-called Gorilla trackings visitors have the opportunity to visit this endangered, habituated mountain gorillas. Thanks strictly limited Gorilla Permits the protection of gorillas is guaranteed and supports the remaining habitat of the gorilla groups.

Lake Mburo National Park
To the south, Lake Mburo National Park, the habitat consists of open grasslands, acacia forests, marshes, lakes and. A special highlight are guided walking safaris.


13 Days Uganda Classic

Day 1

Kampala – Murchison Falls National Park

Today you drive from Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park in North-Western Uganda. On the way to the park, you stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and take a short bushwalk. With an experienced Ranger, you will walk through the bush and will see the huge rhinoceros. It is a very rare to see rhinos so close by foot. In any case keep quiet not to scare them and enjoy that great moment. After lunch, you will continue the journey to the Murchsion Falls National Park. Note: Carriage of GPS is not allowed for safety of the animal.

Day 2

Murchison Falls National Park

In the early morning, you experience your first game drive through the beautiful Murchison National Park. The vegetation is characterized by savannah and riverine forest. You can see lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hartebeest, Oribis and the typical Uganda Kobs. In the afternoon, you will take a boat safari on the River Nile. There is an impressive wildlife along that river. Uncountable crocodiles, hippos, elephants and many colorful water birds along the shore are seen. This place you must see if you visit Uganda! On top of that, near the falls you will get out of the boat and hike about 1 hour to the top of the famous Murchison Water Falls. Enjoy the spectacular views of the longest river in Africa and enjoy the powerful water how it plunges 43 meters` depth.

Day 3

Murchison Falls NP – Lake Albert

After breakfast, you will have a short morning game drive in Murchison National Park. Then the time has come to leave that fantastic park and drive to Lake Albert. This is a beautiful scenic route with a magnificent view point over Lake Albert and Kongo Region. In the late afternoon, you arrive at the lodge near. If you like you can go for a walk in the green neighborhood, the people here are extremely friendly.

Day 4

Kibale Forest National Park

After a relaxed breakfast with the view over the crater lake you will continue your journey to Fort Portal. This stage leads you through villages, green forests and hills with tea plantations. Those cultivated green hills might remind you about the Toscana in Italy and are very characteristic for this part of Uganda.

Day 5

Kibale Forest NP – Chimpanzees Tracking

The next destination is Kibale Forest National Park. The park has the highest number of primate species in the world. In Uganda, there are about 5,000 chimpanzees in the wild, perfect for the Chimpanzee Tracking today. With an experienced ranger, you will start the morning to the Kibale Forest National Park where the group is set up for the walk. There is no guarantee to really see the chimps because they live in the wild. However, your Ranger will be very eager to show you these wonderful animals and as long as you can walk there is a chance. Already the sound of the rain forest with the birds is like a great gift to be here. Expect a tough trek through the dense bush and keep your rain gear ready. Apart from the Chimpanzees you can see various species of monkeys such as the colobus monkeys.

Day 6

Kibale Forest NP – Queen Elizabeth National Park

The most known national park of Uganda is Queen Elizabeth National Park. He lies at the foot of the majestic Rwenzori Mountains, overlooking Lake Edward and Lake George and both lakes are connected by the Kazinga Channel. In Queen Elizabeth National Park you will go for a great game drive. Everything which the African Wildlife has to offer, will be seen here. There are numerous lions, buffalo, hyenas and of course the Uganda Kobe Antelope. The Queen Elizabeth National Park with the Rwenzori Mountains in the background offers a perfect panorama for your Uganda photos memories.

Day 7

Queen Elizabeth NP – Ishasha

In the morning, when the air is still fresh, there will be another game drive in the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Especially the elephant population with about 3000 animals is impressive. At noon, you will continue your journey to the Ishasha region. The impressive tree climbing lions are seen there. Also, other big cats like the leopard are found here.

Day 8

Ishasha – Bwindi Impenetrable NP

There are long rides in Uganda. Today is one of them to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This park contains 50 % of the world gorilla population and is one of the last places in the world were gorilla can live in the wild. Since some years, the gorilla population starts to recover considerably. This is do the accessibility for tourist. Every family is unique and their names like Otaka, Elsa or Nyakina are soon familiar to you.

Day 9 - Gorilla Tracking

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Today is the absolute highlight of your Uganda journey! In Bwindi Impenetrable Forest there are gorillas and chimpanzees. This forest is the only one in Africa where you can see both. As you penetrate along the wooded hillsides, tangled vines and bamboo plants in the dense jungle, you learn a lot about the fascinating giant. The experienced guides will show you traces of previous activities of gorillas. For example, nests, dung and nibbled bamboo shoots. Suddenly you will face the strong, almost human acting mountain gorilla! You can observe how the animals have their daily activities, eating, walking, playing and sometimes fighting. Behave particularly quiet and avoid jerky movements. Enjoy these unforgettable moments with the gorilla group and help to preserve the nature of the mountain gorillas.

Day 10

Bwindi Impenetrable NP – Lake Mburo NP

After breakfast, you will drive to Lake Mburo National Park. It is the second smallest National Park in Uganda and despite he is not very well known, the Park has a lot to offer. A wide savannah, bushland, hills and valleys are seen. On the Game drive in the afternoon you will see lots of zebras and buffalos. In addition to these animals, there are also impalas, giraffes, reedbucks and waterbucks.

Day 11

Lake Mburo NP – Kampala /Entebbe

Lake Mburu is one of two National Parks in Uganda, where guest are allowed to go for a walking safari. With an experienced Ranger you will explore the nature of Lake Mburo National Park and discover the footprints of giraffes, antelopes and other animals. It is particularly exciting to see the wildlife without the noise of a car instead you listen to the songs of the birds and the sound of the zebras. At noon the drive back to Kampala / Entebbe starts. Of course, you will stop at the equator for memories picture.

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