Good on foot – Walking Safari in Tanzania

The experienced guide, in whose safe company you will be, can tell you a lot about the interaction in this ecosystem at an altitude
Hadzabe in Tansania

The last true nomads of Tanzania

Hadza means human being. Hadzabe is simply the plural. Humans, then. Who live where, according to today's scientific knowledge, the human race began. In the East African Rift Valley.
Safari Nyerere National Park

Nyerere National Park – You think you know Tanzania?

Nyerere National Park has an area of 30,893 square kilometers, it is larger than Belgium! In fact, 70 countries are smaller than Nyerere National Park. Such a huge area naturally provides the best conditions for an incredible variety of animals.
Zubucher Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro Group Departures 2023

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is for many hikers and mountaineers a lifetime goal that you will never forget. There are different routes ...

Mafia Island – doesn’t that sound mysterious?

The largest marine park in the Indian Ocean protects 822 square kilometers of largely untouched coral reefs.
Gombe Stream

Chimpanzee Trekking in Gombe National Park

Janes fieldwork in Gombe changed the understanding of chimpanzees

The month of blossoms

Moshi has some wonderful specimens of these brilliant red flowering trees, which are also called Christmas trees ..
Ndutu Serengeti

Safari at Ndutu Region

The animals has captivated numerous researchers and wildlife filmmakers, starting with Jane Godall and her husband Hugo van Lawick ...
Lake Chala - Afromaxx

Lake Chala am Kilimanjaro

Only about 45 kilometers from Kilimanjaro, lies crater lake Chala unlike any other.
What to Wear on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Afromaxx

What to Wear on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

despite Africa and its location near the equator, you need really warm cloth.