Covid-19 Safari Regulations

Below is an overview of the standard operating procedures carried out by Afromaxx in response to the Covid 19 pandemic
What to Wear on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Afromaxx

What to Wear on Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Kilimanjaro climbing can be done by anyone who is physically…
SITE - The Swahili International Tourism Expo

SITE - Swahili International Tourism Expo

Why Travel with Afromaxx  - join SITE from 12th -14th October…
What Hotel on Safari

Which accommodation to stay on safari

When looking at safari options, it is helpful to know which accommodation…
one hour with the mountain Gorillas

The home to Ugandas Mountain Gorillas

There are quite a few facts about these Mountain Gorillas that we are unaware about until we look for them. Did you know that
Maasai culture

The Maasai Tribe

Warriors wear their hair in braids that are dyed red and are most beautiful. The Maasai are famous for their beaded jewelry.
Materuni Falls

Materuni Waterfalls at Kilimanjaro

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of a waterfalls; Even that, a waterfall that you have never heard of before?
Ngorongoro Crater:

Ngorongoro Crater: Worlds’ Biggest Volcanic Caldera

Ngorongoro is the worlds’ biggest caldera. What is a Caldera?…
Stone Town Hotel - Afromaxx Reisen

Zanzibar Archipelago

Do you know what an archipelago is? An archipelago is a group of small islands. Did you know that Zanzibar is not only just one island but
Safari Selous

Selous Game Reserve - Unexplored Magnificence

A lot of people have never heard the word Selous. It is unexplored magnificent game reserve and home of countless animals