Mount Meru Climb

Mount Meru is one of the most beautiful volcanoes in Africa, and sadly, is often in the shadow of its big brother, Kilimanjaro. The 4-day hikes to the summit lead through regions which are populated by many giraffes, zebras, buffalos and monkeys. Grasslands, thick jungle with moss-covered trees, wild flower fields, and lava rocks all need to be negotiated. Along the crater rim, you get impressive views into the gigantic crater. Its 1,500 meter deep caldera walls are known around the world. Mount Meru is a popular mountain for acclimatization before climbing Kilimanjaro.

Highlights of Mount Meru Climb

• 2. highest mountain in Tansania
• one of the most beautiful volcanoes in eastern Afrika
• guided Trekkingtour with Hutaccomodation
• magic tropical forrests with mossy trees
• private cook and porter team

Itinerary and Highlights of Mount Meru Climb

Day 1 Arrival Day

You will be picked up at the Kilimanjaro International Airport and our driver will bring you to your Hotel in Moshi.

Day 2 Momella Gate 1500 m – Miriakamba Hut 2514 m

After breakfast, you will head to the Arusha National Park with your team. After entering the park, you will see giraffes between acacia trees and dik-diks rushing into the shrub land. As soon as the luggage is ready, the ascent can start. A park ranger will accompany you and your team through the open grassland where you will pass grazing herds of buffalo. The goal of this four to five hour journey is the Miriakamba Hut behind the mountain forest where meadows and low bushes vary along the way. You will stay in well kept mountain huts where several people usually sleep in one room.

Day 3 Miriakamba Hut 2514 m – Saddle Hut 3560 m

Today’s stage is short, but the steep and strenuous ascent must not be underestimated. Soon after you leave the Miriakamba Hut, the steps begin. The rain forest is fairytale-like with its dense moss cover and low hanging lichens. Some trees grow in a horizontal direction across the trekking path, and combined with the rising fog they create a magical atmosphere. Getting higher the vegetation gets less dense and the humidity drier. In the early afternoon, you will reach the Saddle Hut, usually in bright sunshine. Those who aren’t tired can climb Little Meru, which is situated 200 meters above the hut. The additional efforts will be rewarded with a view of the snow-covered Kilimanjaro.

Day 4 Saddle – Gipfel Socialist Point 4566 m – Miriakamba Hut

Today, you will start the ascent to the summit just after midnight. First you will walk up a steep section of 300 meters to Rhino Point. The next short section will be easy and leads to a small mountain ridge which is interrupted by a 45 degree rock face. There are deep abysses on either side of the ridge. The path goes continuously uphill and is lined by sharp-edged rocks and is covered by ash. The summit seems to stretch out before you and be out of sight due to the rough rugged crater wall in the morning sun. At sunrise, the summit awaits you and provides an  impressive panoramic view of the fascinating green volcanic landscape. The savannah shimmers in the distance and the view of the gigantic Kilimanjaro is breath-taking. After a snack at the Saddle Hut, you will descend to the Miriakamba Hut.

Day 5 Miriakamba Hut 2514 m – Momella Gate 1500 m

The fourth day leads comfortably down a forest road. Only the first meters go uphill, and you will cross the seasonal Ash Cone stream. About an hour later you will leave the black ash ground and will be back in the dense rainforest. You need to cross several streams, and you may frequently encounter thirsty buffalos in the morning. The light meadow at the Maio Waterfall is a great spot for a picnic. Some of the trees are 100 meters high, others are entangled with strangler figs with wild aerial roots. You will see the biggest one of them in the last section of the tour. The Fig Tree, which is also called Strangler Fig Tree, reaches a diameter of about 7 meters. When you reach the Momella Gate, you head back to Moshi. On the way through the national park, you will see many zebras, giraffes and warthogs.

Day 6 Departure Day

Depending on the time of departure, after breakfast our driver guide will drop you off at the airport or you can start another travel package. Also there are several day tours offered from Moshi (Coffee Tour, Biking Tour in the Sugar Plantations, Lake Challa Tour -please book in advance)

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