Mount Elgon Trekking

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The Mount Elgon is the oldest volcano on the East African Valley. The crater base has a diameter between 50 – 80 kilometers and it is the largest worldwide. The hike count to one of the easier treks since the slope has in average only 4%. The Mount Elgon National lies in the far east of Uganda and is home to 300 bird species, including also the endangered Gipetto. On this fascinating hike with a nice foresight on natural paths, you can climb Wagagai Summit at 4321m. Let this hike be you next stop in Africa.

Highlights Mount Elgon Trekking

• scenic and very lush, natural route
• the world’s largest crater base
• 300 species of birds
• average pitch of 4% only
• breathtaking landscape
• impressive cave systems


Mount Elgon Trekking Sipi & Sasa Trail

Day 1 Arrival Day Entebbe

Our driver will pick you from Entebbe Airport after your arrival and bring you to the hotel.

Day 2 Mount Elgon, Entebbe – Mbale

Today we start early from Kampala via Jinja to Mbale the starting point of our Mount Elgon tour. During the trip we get first impressions of Uganda. Fresh Fruits are sold directly on the street. You will see the green tea and sugar cane plantations as well as the Lake Victoria. In Jinja you pass at the Owen Falls Dam, which is the biggest electricity power plant in Uganda. Near Mbale, you will see the whole Mount Elgon plateau.

Day 3 Mount Elgon, Kapchorwa Gate 2045 m – Tutum Cave 2685 m

In the morning you will drive to Kapchorwa Gate. From here the hike begins through the dense rainforest. Colobus monkeys sit in the treetops of moss-covered trees. This first section of the Mount Elgon hike leads over an ridge. On the left hand an impressive valley opens and you might hear sounds of hornbill. Near the Tutum Cave is the first camp.

Day 4 Mount Elgon, Tutum Cave 2685 m – Kajeri Camp 3026 m

After the breakfast you will leave the camp. A short rocky section needs to be crossed. Then the Sipi Route continues through the rainforest, followed by a section of bamboo plants. After about 1/3 of the track you cross the Sipi River, followed by a longer ascent. After about one hour you will enjoy a beautiful view over the plateau. The vegetation suddenly has changed and you can enjoy your walk under the African sun. The very idyllic camp is located directly on the river below the Kajeri waterfall.

Day 5 Mount Elgon, Kajeri Camp 3026 m – Mude Cave Camp

Today is a long Days ahead of you. There are several mountain ridges and valleys in Mount Elgon National Park to overcome. On the left hand, you can see a long flat rock. The Trail leads you several times up and down. After about 6 hours, the beautiful crater is in front of you. In this high altitude countless colorful flowers as well as different kind of grasses are growing here. Your path leads right through interrupted by small water streams.

Day 6 Summit day, Mude Cave Camp 3479 m – Wagagay Peak 4321 m

In the early morning you set off for Wagagay Peak. The path leads back a few hundred meters on the path of the previous day. Then the path goes steeply uphill to Jackson Peak. After about 2 hours you reach the crater rim, where the ascent continues for a few kilometers. On clear blue days, the view of the surrounding plains and the crater is particularly impressive.

Day 7 Mount Elgon, Mude Cave Camp 3479m – Sasa River Camp

After breakfast, today we will take an easy leg to the Sasa River Camp. After leaving the Mude Camp the view into the valley becomes clear. The well-groomed path leads past a ranger station. At about 3320 meters of altitude you dive into the rainforest. Take some breaks for photos – perhaps you catch one of the colorful Turacos, whose distinctive echo sounds through the forest.

Day 8 Mount Elgon, Sasa River Camp 2840m – Buma Sola 1710m

On the last part of your track you will need to pass some Days. Although the sDays is short, it should not be underestimated due the steep descent. Especially on rainy days, the path within the Mount Elgon National Park is very slippery. The well-known “Wall of Death” does not need to worry you in any way, because the 3 steel stairs (no ladders) are to cope for every hiker. Around noon, you will reach Bumasola Gate and drive to Jinja for overnight.

Day 9 Departure day Entebbe

You can spend one or more nights in Jinja. Lake Victoria Lake offers a variety of activities including rafting, boat trip to the Nile, hiking and MTB tours. Otherwise, we will drive you back to Entebbe today, from where the journey home begins or the start of a connection program, for example.