Escape to Queen Elizabeth National Park

The main reason as to why I travelled to Uganda was the Gorillas. Little did I know, Uganda had much more to offer than just the Mountain Gorillas. One of the travelers in our group suggested we should check the wildlife in Queen Elizabeth National Park and see what the country has to offer. We all agreed at once and thus, the journey to get our mind blown had only begun.

Kazinga Channel

The morning of the drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, we passed through the equator line of Uganda. We got down and took picture galore. As our drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park resumed, our safari driver started telling us a few facts about where we were headed. I had read about the national park beforehand so I had known about tree-climbing lions at Ishasha and a few facts here and there. I didn’t know that the park was former called Kazinga National Park. In 1954 it was renamed, to commemorate a visit by Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. To me Kazinga made sense because I had read about the Kazinga Channel that is 1 km long that naturally links Lake Edward and Lake George, both vital lakes for the national park’s flora and fauna.

Nature never stays the same

We had asked him what was his favorite thing about Queen Elizabeth National Park? His answer left me in awe, he said that what he loved about the national park was that it was ever-changing. Nothing stays how it is, from the terrains to the animals. You may see something in a certain spot and find something different on the same spot the next day. This ever-changing element of Queen Elizabeth National Park is what he said he admired.

Queen Elizabeth National Park is the oldest one

After that question he pointed out to us that we were in one of Uganda’s oldest national parks. Queen Elizabeth National Park has been a park since 1952 along with Murchison Falls. QENP hosts 619 bird species, the second highest of any park in Africa – the 6th highest of any park worldwide. After hearing all of this, we were more than ready to get our own experience of this magnificent national park.

Bootsafari on Kazinga Channel

Once we checked into the hotel, even before the safari itself, we went for a boat safari. This safari takes place along the Kazinga Channel, Lake Edward and Lake George. We were all very excited as this was our first ever boat safari; and my oh my…we were blown away by this experience. Seeing elephant’s drinking water and playing in the water, seeing the nile crocodiles, hundreds of different bird species, hippos and buffalos up so close, stunning sunset on the lake, this experience was absolutely surreal: A must do activity in Queen Elizabeth National Park! After this experience we needed enough rest to take in the amazing experience we had and get ourselves ready for the next day.

Ugandas Safari Time!!!

We woke up early to catch the sunrise and we were not at all disappointed. The sunrise that morning was splendid, the dried grass got the touch of the soft gold light from the sun was very picturesque, we saw animals and their pictures came out stunning; it looked as if they were sun kissed. Our Uganda safari experience was great but the highlight of my Queen Elizabeth National Park trip was the boat ride that I would recommend to all. For bird lovers, this national park is paradise.

You haven’t experienced Uganda if you haven’t been to Queen Elizabeth National Park, I am thankful to my friends who convinced me to join in on this trip; for I have taken a million incredible memories away with me.