Tanzania Safari with Children

Usually, the silhouettes of the elegant giraffes and the powerful elephants appear first on the horizon. For the whole family, the first glimpse into the seeming infinity of the Serengeti remains unforgettable. You hear nothing – only your own heartbeat. “The endless land” means “Serengeti” in the language of the Maasai. Huge herds of animals live here amidst the lush green savannah. Lions and cheetahs as well as herds of zebra and antelope can be observed in the wild from the off-road trail.
The uninhabited Ngorongoro Crater, a collapsed volcanic caldera with the highest density of predators in the world, has been a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1979. From the upper part of the caldera, the approximately 400 – 500 m high side walls, one can enjoy the fantastic view into the vastness. The legends that are told about this animal paradise could have come from a fantastic storybook. More exciting for the children is to discover the BIG FIVE on a crater safari in this mysterious world.
A family safari is one of the most exciting experiences parents can have. The children’s eyes and hearts open on this journey for the togetherness and the little things, a tree, a mosquito, or a stone. Snuggled up under the stars of the savannah – what could be more beautiful?

The highlights of The Safari with Kids

  • exciting game drives with experienced driver who considers the interests of the whole family
  • the most beautiful national parks in Northern Tanzania
  • short travel times between the national parks for maximum experience on the game drives
  • direct domestic flight from Serengeti to Zanzibar
  • affordable prices for children in the lodge and in the national parks

Itinerary and highlights: Safari with Kids

Day 1 Tanzania Safari with Children – Arrival day Kilimanjaro (JRO) – Drive to Arusha

We will pick you up at Kilimanjaro airport and take you to your hotel in Arusha. From your first accommodation you can explore the paradisiacal surroundings or relax a little at the lodge. The large pool invites especially the children to cool down from the Tanzanian heat while the monkeys are jumping around in the trees.

Travel time: 45 min

Day 2 Tanzania Safari with Children – Arusha – Drive to Lake Manyara

After a hearty breakfast you will drive from Arusha to Maramboi Lodge, which is situated directly at Lake Manyara National Park and a few minutes from the gate of Tarangire National Park. At the lodge you will have plenty of time in the afternoon to relax and swim in the pool. From the veranda you can watch giraffes, zebras and antelopes, just enjoy the large pool or marvel at the African sunset.

Route: 115 km Driving time: 1,5-2h

Day 3 Tanzania Safari with Children – Drive to Tarangire National Park, game drive

Today you will spend the day in Tarangire National Park. The park is famous for its many elephants, which are especially in the dry season at the Tarangire River. It is a formative spectacle to watch the animals swimming in the river or even the lions hunting. Remarkable are the huge baobab trees, which look like vase trees and can be seen all over the park. The length of the game drive depends entirely on your children and their condition. The driver will be guided according to their needs.

Game drive: up to 6h

Day 4 Tanzania Safari with Children – Tarangire National Park – Drive to Karatu

After an extensive breakfast and a relaxing morning at the lodge, a shorter drive awaits you today. Around noon you will arrive in Karatu and reach the Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge. Fun and games for the kids at the pool or a visit to the nearby “Children’s Home”, where a game of football can be played, await you. See a great example of how tourism supports the orphans. All income of the lodge goes to the orphanage.

Distance: 103 km Travel time: 1,5h

Day 5 Tanzania Safari with Children – Karatu – Drive to Serengeti National Park

After breakfast, you will start a longer but varied journey to a spectacular destination – the Serengeti. Every child has seen the movie “The Lion King” once, exactly this untouched land is waiting for you. On the way you will be able to stop to enjoy the view into the Ngorongoro Crater or a typical Maasai village. On the way to the lodge, you will make a short game drive to get a foretaste of the days to come. Maybe you will see the first lions today.

Distance: 120 km Driving time: 5h Game drive: up to 4

Day 6 Tanzania Safari with Children – Serengeti National Park, game drive

Amidst huge umbrella acacias and mighty figs, you will have plenty of time today to go on a game drive. The northern ranges of hills feed numerous watercourses, which attract many antelopes, reedbucks, and baboons. Hippos splash in the water, whose sounds are impressive not only for children – leopards rest on acacias and lions doze in the high grass. Of course, you can again have a decisive influence on the design and length of the game drive.

Game drive: up to 2x4h

Day 7 Tanzania Safari with Children – Serengeti National Park – Flight to Zanzibar (ZNZ)

In the morning we drive you to the airstrip in the Serengeti, from where you fly to Zanzibar. The direct flight is a completely new way of seeing the wildlife for everyone. From the bird’s eye view, you will see the extent of migration. And besides, the flight is much more pleasant than the long drive back to the airport. With a bit of luck, you will be able to see the Big Migration from a bird’s eye view. Already in the late afternoon you will arrive in Zanzibar and will be able to jump into the Indian Ocean for the first time.

Travel time: 30 min Flight time: 3h

Tourcode: Q101166